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La Fiorentina su Spector del West Ham

USA vs El SalvadorAs American soccer fans, especially those who are trying to follow our American players abroad, language barriers are very annoying.  Just in the past two days I’ve had to translate an article from French and Spanish and now I’m adding Italian to the list.  For this I apologize, if I could find the report in English I would but I want the news as soon as it happens so:

www.calciomercato.com is reporting that Serie A Fiorentina has asked West Ham about USMNT Jonathan Spector:

La Fiorentina ha chiesto informazioni al West Ham riguardo al possibile ingaggio del difensore americano, Jonathan Spector. La conferma arriva a calciomercato.com da una fonte molto vicina al calciatore: “Sì, è vero, la società viola ha chiesto informazioni sul ragazzo – ha detto – ma la richiesta del West Ham ha spaventato il club”.

Even if you can’t read Italian, I can’t, all you really need to know is that they are interested in Spector and this would be a great move for him.  To go from West Ham which is a very good English team already, to Fiorentina which is a great and prestigious Italian team would be a great oppertunity for Spector.  Especially since Italy and Serie A are knmow for there defensive styles, which when u think about it is similar to what the US play, this could really make Spector into a eliete player.  Plus pairing him with Onyewu in Seire A will help them play together and make our Defense that much stronger.  I personally hope this move goes down…


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