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New Fifa Rankings… US still 12th



The newest Fifa rankings have been released and the US Mens National Team remains in the 12th spot.  Fifa reports that “USA (12th, unchanged) missed out on a place in the top ten following their resounding 5-0 loss to Mexico in the CONCACAF Gold Cup final in New Jersey.”

Of course the US team that was playing in the Meadowlands is not the real US Team that will be representing us in more important matches but more of a B/C team playing agianst an almost full strenth Mexican team.

Many people, including Alexi Lalas who is ESPN’s main soccer reporter who is quite vocal about this, find the Fifa Rankings to be worthless. I myself have many issues with the system including the facts that: it dosent factor in 1. strenth of opponent, margin of victory, strenth of own team, or signifcance of the game.  It also gives you no credit for a loss, weather it be a 2-3 loss to number 1 Brazil in the Gold Cup Final, or a 20-0 loss to Canada… Of course this does not mean that we do not want to do well in these rankings, as they are a sorce of pride and respect from the soccer world.


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