USA 3- Mexico 2 (Aggregate)

So Mexico won 2-1… When you consider the lack of importance for the US, the win or they’re probably done mentality for Mexico, and the fact that they played at awful Azteca, this is not the worst result ever.  This game undeniable confirmed that the US are the superior team in CONCACAF, or at least in the US v Mexico rivalry (I wont take anything away from Costa Rica yet). 

When you take the two games together, our 2-0 win in Columbus and the loss today, this would be a win overall if we considered it a home and home, the way that the Champions League is played, for example.  If there is anyone who thinks that Columbus is a harder place to play away than Azteca I would love to hear why, but for now I think that fact makes the overall score even more impressive…

For a recap of the game you can read it on ESPN, but I’m just going to touch on a few things then I would like to hear other peoples thoughts. First I think Charlie Davies has transformed as a player this summer more than any other American and his goal today just confirmed that. Also Landon’s pass was world class and I feel he could still be immensely successful in Europe if he found the right place. I’m glad that I called the two guys who would be left out, although that was not the biggest deal ever.  And lastly Tim Howard made some unbelievable saves like always, to help confirm that he is the best in the world.

So tell me what you all think about the game.


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4 responses to “USA 3- Mexico 2 (Aggregate)

  1. impersonaterjc

    First off, I found this result to be hugely disappointing, but I don’t think the win was ill deserved for Mexico. They carried the play for the majority of the game and that is all to their credit. Personally I found the calls to favor Mexico in the extreme, however this might just be the frustration talking right now. Davies looked great and I hope for big things from him in the future and Howard was great as always, with both shots beating him just barely and being virtually unstoppable. I wish Altidore had seen more time over Ching, because I really felt he is more of a playmaker and with the style the US employed they needed people to work 1v1 with their man because there was little to no development of plays. The US is a big play team and Ching is not a ‘big play’ player. Donovan had flashes of brilliance like always and Dempsey had a quiet but solid game. I loved Bradley in the last 10minutes, he became a force but they needed that sparkplug throughout. Overall a great win for Mexico; a bad but not crushing defeat for the US and a very discouraged US fanbase at home.

  2. PhilaDallas

    I have enjoyed watching Onyewu (can we still call him Gooch) look for outlet passes more than he used to. He also is starting to use his touch and control to get out of tough spots. I assume that he is learning this playing for Milan, or at least it is becoming more important to him. The US clearances from the back were their undoing. Just need to get everybody on the same page regarding where clearances can go and we can get more possesion.

  3. jjank

    Truly, this was not the worst result, we were leading at one point and then our defensive style got the best of us. Bob Bradleys trend of sitting back, giving credence to that thug coach Aguirre, when we get leads needs to stop or we need a new coach. Very few, if any, of the best teams in the world use this tactic.

    Impersonaterjc…..Really, the controlling of game by Mexico is not all due to Mexico it also has to do with USA team just sitting back from the time we scored till about the last 10mins or so. Also, Altidore is not yet a 90 minute player, maybe not even a 60 minute player yet, whereas ching could probably go forever. Ching is highly underrated as a USMNT player.
    Dempsey had a ghostly quiet game and was not solid.

  4. GO USA


    Your analysis is spot on and I agree 100%. Mexico deserved the win more buy keeping possession. USA needs to learn how to keep the ball and we will win these close games. We still have not found our replacement for Claudio Reyna who could control the pace of the game with his ability to hold the ball. We also have not found a strong “holding” forward since McBride retired, I like Ching but he is no McBride. We should have went with the lineups that wreaked havoc in South Africa i.e. Spector and Altidore starting.

    Mexico was the better team in the stadium and that’s all that matters. USA is better yesterday and tomorrow but not on the day. We need to learn how to protect leads by keeping possession which is why I feel we need to start adding Torres to the lineup because he has those skills.
    Gooch was a beast all day yesterday.
    My most major gripe with the game was the absolutely blatant bias officiating against USA. How in the world do you put your hands around the neck of a player and not get an immediate red while the ref was right next to it. If it was an American that did that he would’ve gotten a red and probably a game suspension. The double standard is ridiculous and it’s one of the reasons why I took so long to like soccer in the first place. That and the flopping. The refs handing out 3 soft yellows to our defensive line was unbearable. He knows that will change the way they play… they will play timidly trying not to pick up another. Also how was it that Mexico committed the same fouls and were not given any yellows for those. Dos Santos was given a yellow when Mexico already had the game wrapped up. All I am asking for is consistency too give every team a fair chance and I never see them calling a fair game when USA is playing. It’s disgusting and it ruins the game.
    Dos Santos is a douche in my opinion and is overhyped. He feels someone breathing on him and he is already falling down like he was hit with sniper fire.

    BTW Davies was a monster yesterday, in my opinion he is our best forward. If he would have had the service there is no telling the damage he was capable of. Mexico had no answer for him.
    Mexico wins though and congrats to them. Here is to hoping Honduras beats them in Azteca.

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