Mexico City Stinks

So I have been reading some reports on how Mexico City is going to affect the team and its is pretty annoying.  I almost want our players to forfiet so they dont have to go get sick and hurt playing a game that will be unfairly difficult for them.  But they can take it and I still expect great things.  From what I found:

Mexico City’s air has gone from among the world’s cleanest to among the dirtiest in the span of a generation. Novelist Carlos Fuentes first novel took place here in 1959 and was entitled “Where the air is clear” – a title he has said is ironic considering the city’s now –soupy environment.
The average visibility of some 100 km in 1940s is down to about 1.5 km. Snow-capped volcanoes (Popocatepetl, Ixtacihuatl, and Paricutin) that were once parts of the landscape are now visible only rarely (fig.1.2). And levels of almost any pollutant like nitrogen dioxide (NO2) now regularly break international standards by two to three times. Levels of ozone (O3), a pollutant that protects us from solar radiation in the upper atmosphere but is dangerous to breathe, are twice as high here as the maximum allowed limit for one hour a year and this occurs several hours per day every day (fig.1.1).


It is also stated that the reason that Mexico moved the game from a night start to the now 3pm start is that, at 3pm Mexico city is the hottest, expected around 100 F, and will most likely give the advantage to Mexico who has been training and obviously lives there.  Also the 3 pm start means we have to get there the night before, while it has been stated that to combat the smog it is best to get there the same morning and spend the least time possible affected.  Whatever happens though we just have to play our game and hope for rain…


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3 responses to “Mexico City Stinks

  1. G

    Heat, altitude, smog, Azteca…


  2. GO USA

    Yeah, I seen pictures of the smog covering the city. It’s reeeaaally bad. It looks like a cloud is covering the city. Im gonna hope with you that it rains and it’s cool.

    • GO USA

      Ok so I just went on the weather channel website and checked up Mexico City for wed. and it says it will be a high of 78 degrees with a low of 55 with scattered T- storms. Sounds good to me, minus the t-storms, but rain sounds good.

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