Bye Bye Becks…

beckham1rex_468x592So in what is already a very tumultuous relationship with David Beckham, the LA Galaxy and MLS, England National Team Coach is now saying he will not include Beckham on the World Cup squad unless he leaves the MLS.  Per ESPN:

“Beckham knows well that if he doesn’t return to a big European championship in December he’ll have no chance for the World Cup,” Capello was quoted as saying by Monday’s La Gazzetta dello Sport.”

This is blatant disrespect for the MLS and it actually offends me.  I’m not going to argue that the MLS is better than playing for AC Milan… its not, but that he makes its seem like because Beckham is in the US hes not even playing soccer is just wrong.  I know he was leaving as soon as he could no matter what, but I really want Beckham’s leaving of the MLS to be a good one, to help grow the league and get other big name players over here, but this really doesn’t help. At least he has an excuse now.  I’ve never had much respect for the England National team, for all the supposed superstars they never do anything, but now I’m very much against them and their blatant anti-American bias.  Its almost like they fear the US becoming a real soccer threat and don’t want us to beat them at another thing after that Revolutionary War…


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5 responses to “Bye Bye Becks…

  1. GO USA

    Im gonna side with your opinion on this too. He acts like we have the worst league in the world. We know were not the best but we are putting out some good players from the MLS. Look at Donovan he plays in the MLS and he outperformed practically everyone in the Confed. Cup (he was robbed of an award… Kaka did not deserve the Golden Ball or silver or bronze for that matter) with all the teams bringing their A squads too. Ricardo Clark looked awesome out there too, practically stopping Spain’s midfield.
    The dude is a douche, if our players can go out and perform at a high level in international play than why should it be different for Beckham. He acts like Beckham is gonna all of the sudden forget how to play the game because he plays in MLS.

    • GO USA

      “Its almost like they fear the US becoming a real soccer threat and don’t want us to beat them at another thing after that Revolutionary War…”

      Agreed, I think the rest of the world feels the same way too. It’s almost like they couldn’t accept us beating Spain, because we’re not European or Brazil or Argentina.

  2. Anonymous

    The MLS is not very good. We’re probably in between League 1 and League 2 in England. MLS players are slow, not technical and lack football intelligence (These things are improving every year though). That is why it’s so important for our best US players to go to Europe. This is also why Cappello feels the way he does. You play to the level of your competition. And the speed of the game in the MLS is slow and unskillful compared to the world level. Becks needs to play at the highest level and I agree with Cappello. Don’t blame England for Cappello’s decision. Don’t worry about Becks though, he will come back after the world cup. I have a feeling Zidan will be playing in the MLS as well. Go USA and win tomorrow in Azteca!!!!

  3. old boy

    Becks will go back to AC Milan after the MLS season, make the England squad if he’s healthy and return to the US for the remainder of his contract with LA (two more seasons after this I believe) because his wife will be here anyway and this is where their future is. Reality TV anybody?

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