Tim Howard: Best in the World

Howard205Ken Lawrence has written a feature piece for ESPN about Tim Howard the USMNT goalie, and current Everton keeper.  In it he and multiple other people talk about how Horward either is, or has all the potential to be the best goalkeeper in the world:

Everton manager David Moyes already insists the American is as good as it gets in the Premier League. “Tim is now on the same level as Pepe Reina and Petr Cech,” Moyes said. “They are considered to be the two best in England. I would not swap either for my man.”

I personally was very happy when Howard was able to avenge himself and show Man U what they gave up, when he beat them in the Semi’s last year on PK’s by saving 2.  I think it was horrible how English media was blaming and insulting the fact that he has tourettes as a reason for his struggles.

“some newspapers even cruelly suggested that as a sufferer of Tourette syndrome who refused to medicate himself against the neurological disease, he had lost Ferguson’s confidence.”

Hopefully he keeps playing as well as he has been, and I give him a lot of credit for making the American defenders, especially Onyewu who seems to really work well with Howard, into better players even when hes not around.


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2 responses to “Tim Howard: Best in the World

  1. G

    Howard has been absolutely unbelievable of late.

    I saw him last summer with the MNT against Argentina at Giants’ Stadium, and his shutout was pretty incredible … he’s really making people pay attention to the US these days.

    Shutting down Torres in the Confed. wasn’t bad either, of course…

    • GO USA

      Yeah I remember that game… he owned Cruz from point blank range, like 3 times if I remember correctly. Timmy is a beast, easily one of the best Goalkeepers in the world in my opinion. Yeah he was making some crazy saves against Spain in the Confed. The one that comes to mind is when Torres was putting the moves on in the box, then he cut back and tried to slide one in near post and then Timmy slid down and blocked it with his leg. His reaction time is incredible. Not to mention that incredible save that he made against Mexico in the 07 Gold cup in the last minutes of the game to basically preserve our Win for sure.
      Tim is a role model athlete, he doesn’t let the Touretts hold him back and has made it to the top. Great guy and I’m glad he’s in the net for USA.

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