Ref for Mexico Game

joel-aguilar-300x350So is reporting that the ref for the US v Mexico game on Wednesday will be Joel Aguilar Chicas of El Salvadore who was last seen as the official for the Mexcio v Panama game where Javier Aguirre kicked the Panamanian player during the game. Sadly the only report I found was in Spanish but the article doesn’t reveal anything that isn’t obvious:

“El salvadoreño Joel Aguilar, quien expulsara a Javier Aguirre ante Panamá en la Copa Oro, será el árbitro del Tri ante Estados Unidos en el Azteca”

I can’t really decide if this if this helps or hurts the US… On the positive side he has probably doesn’t feel too highly of Mexico after what Aguirre did in the Gold Cup.  Also he is from El Salvador who’s best chance to get into the WC is through the 4th spot, which they would get by passing Mexico. On the negative side he didn’t really control that game too well, although it would have been tough for anyone, so he might allow Mexico to play dirty and try and rough up the more skill based American team.  Also because he is from El Salvador he might have the normal everywhere else in the Americas’ anti-USA bias…

What do you think? Is this going to help or hurt the US?

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