Landon Donovan Amazing Goal

Last night Landon Donovan scored an incredible goal vs the NE Revs:

He really seems to be on his form right now and I think he has been incredible this summer.  Also, a little unrelated but, dosen’t it seem like Landon Donovan never misses a PK. In the MLS all-star game and then Confed Cup he had them and I never even considered that he would miss.  He treats it like a free throw in basketball and hits with the same accuracy.  Could he be the best in the world at the PK?


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3 responses to “Landon Donovan Amazing Goal

  1. mark


    check out Matt le Tissier’s record in taking pens.
    i think he got 49 out of 50 . all in competetive games, or at least games that meant something to him or saints fans

  2. GO USA

    Damn Donovan is tearing it up right now. He’s on a whole other level than I have seen him before. Hopefully he does this against Mexico on Wed. Yeah your right that he is great on PKs. I can’t recall seeing him miss.

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