Kenny Cooper Debut Goal!

24soccer.1.190Kenny Cooper debuted for 1860 Munchen against TuS Koblenz with a 17th min goal in the 2-0 win.

Kenny Cooper 1-0 vs TuS Koblenz

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(cant figure out how to link the video here yet as the only one I found is in German, I think)


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3 responses to “Kenny Cooper Debut Goal!

  1. GO USA

    Wow this is great, what a way to leave a first impression. It looked like he was cool with his teammates already with the way they celebrated with him. All the signs looked good so far.

  2. G

    Now hopefully Kenny can help 1860 back into the top flight. Definitely a good start.

  3. Muc

    there’s a new blog about Kenny Cooper’S journey in germany !!!

    after each match there will be a highlights video !!!

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