Guardado Gaurentee’s 3-0 Win

Likes to talk Trash

Likes to talk Trash

So Ives Galarcep of ESPN is reporting that Guardado of Mexico has confidently guaranteed a 3-0 win for Mexico in Wednesday’s qualifying match vs the US.

“Of course we will win, 3-0,” Guardado said. “We have players of high quality and you can see that the team has prepared well, now there is only the question of showing it on the field on Wednesday.”

Also he reports that Guillermo Ochoa has said that Mexico is better both physically and soccer-wise.

“(The United States) is a rival of respect, that you must be careful of, but it is a rival we know, whose style we know,” Ochoa said. “We know that physically, and soccer-wise, we are better, so we just have to apply that on the field and do our talking on the field.”

These statements are both very offensive and shows the lack of class that the Mexican players seem to have.  This only makes me want to beat them that much worse. What do you think? Were those statements out of line, or are they right in saying that the 30th ranked Mexico team is really better than the 12th ranked US team.  I think we can only have an idea after the game on Wednesday  but more so after the qualifying ends.


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6 responses to “Guardado Gaurentee’s 3-0 Win

  1. GO USA

    Well do I think it was out of line? I’m not sure because I’m kinda so used to them talkin a lot of hot air. They talk a lot of crap to be in 4th place in qualifying right now. Standings don’t lie and Mexico has stunk it up for a couple years now while the US has become the unquestioned Big Boy of the Concacaf.
    Also, Honduras was on top of the group of the last stages, not Mexico. Mexico only made it into the Hex by goal differential.
    I find it funny that we kinda just started taking soccer seriously like in the 90’s and we already have a better team then Mexico, which has been playing soccer since like forever and it’s their only sport. Where we have like a whole bunch.
    I’m not taking their talk seriously because as of right now they haven’t proven they are a good team.

    • zbelair

      I was at the Gold Cup final and it was pretty awful being harassed by all the Mexican fans, luckily where me and my friend were sitting we were surrounded by a small American gathering. they talked so much crap it was ridiculous but every time I could just respond with a we will miss you at the World Cup remark and they would shut up for a second.

  2. USA 2...Spain 0

    The Mexican teams ranking is almost as weak as their central government right now.

    Guardado talks now, but watch him run from the post game media on Wednesday after Mexico’s loss……let’s just hope he doesnt run into one of the many drug cartels running the Mexican streets.

  3. impersonaterjc

    Ah well, it is so much easier to be brave before you have Landon Donovan leaving you in a cloud of dust 🙂 I don’t expect Mexico to even come close to running away with this one. I feel the US will put 2 or 3 goals in and that seems like a tall order for the Mexican team to match. But here I am talking too, so maybe I should just wait and see!

  4. impersonaterjc

    By the way, hilarious caption on the picture!

  5. Francois

    This is definitely a classic case of Mexican National team players thinking that Americans are trash. Well they are definitely in a for a rude awakining on Wednesday. The arrogance of these people is outrageous, I can only pray we shut them up.

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