Trinidad and Tobago Stronger!

fullfront855backTrinidad and Tobago have just added two English Premier League players to there team Bobby Zamora of Fulham and Jlloyd Samuel of Bolton.  Both players have just received their passports and will be playing for T&T in their qualifier vs El Salvador reports Trinidad’s Newsday:

FULHAM striker Bobby Zamora received his Trinidad and Tobago passport on Wednesday and Bolton defender Jlloyd Samuel will receive his today, as they are poised to arrive along with the majority of the overseas players on Sunday in preparation for the CONCACAF World Cup Qualifier against El Salvador next Wednesday at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Mucurapo.

Zamora and Samuel could be very big additions to this T&T team that currently sits in last place in the World Cup qualifying.  They probably still do not have a shot of making the WC next year but they can still have a big effect on the teams they play for the rest of qualifying.  For those of you wondering, the U.S. national team travels to Trinidad & Tobago on Sept. 9, having beat them at home earlier this year 3-0 thanks to a Jozy Altidore Hat Trick.


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  1. GO USA

    I look at this as good news for CONCACAF. It only makes the region better to have higher quality players. Do you know if Trinidad has to play Mexico? Hopefully if they do, these guys play and give them a hard time lol.

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