Toronto FC 1- Real Madrid 5

real-madrid-vs-toronto-fc-live-streamReal Madrid’s new stars were all on show in their impressive 5-1 win over Toronto FC.  Goals were scored by Raul at 13′ and 26′, Ronaldo at 18′, Benzema at 65′, and Robben at 85′ for Madrid. For Toronto the lone goal was scored by Gala at 75′.  Kaka was all over the field while he was in taking a few shots and Xabi Alonso subbed in early in the second half for Ronaldo.

There was a FK from the top of the box for Madrid late in the first half that Ronaldo lined up to take and the crowd got very excited with camera flashes going off all over.  Much to the dismay of the fans an other Madrid player, Guti, standing right next to the ball crept up and tried to sneak one in unsuccessfully while all attention was on Ronaldo.  Needless to say the crowd was very unhappy. The Ronaldo goal was not too impressive and probably should have been saved but the crowd was very pleased to see a Ronaldo goal anyway…

Later in the game Ronaldo was chasing down a lead pass up the sideline and seems to have a clear path to the goal when out of nowhere Marvell Wynne just flew past him from out of nowhere and took the ball away.  An extremely impressive play by Wynne against the worlds most expensive player.  Wynne has made an appearance with the National Team this year and is a young player that we expect to have major impact in the future, and possibly make the World Cup Team.

Who did you think looked good? What did you think of all the attackers for Real Madrid?


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5 responses to “Toronto FC 1- Real Madrid 5

  1. GO USA

    well yea I said before but Ill just repost that Wynne was probably the most impressive for the Toronto followed by Guevara’s first half.

    Wynne totally outran Ronaldo lol. He thought he had a clear path to goal then BAM Wynne out of the blue, I was flipping out cuz he was behind Ronaldo and still outran him. He also stopped Ronaldo from moving past him on a one on one situation can’t remember the minute it happened though. Wynne was impressive.

  2. imPERSONater

    I thought DeRosario played a great first half too, he showed the ability to play with the top dogs quite well. Wynne looked amazing with his bursts of speed! I can recall at least three plays where he simply used a single touch to blow by a Madrid player! Hopefully the MLS teams can hang onto a couple of these studs and ‘up and comers.’
    What it boiled down to though was Toronto being completely out-skilled across the board. The first half was Real Madrid was connecting passes up the field and besides a few well placed through balls, the Toronto defense/midfield was just clearing it straight to the Real back line. I will definitely look to watch a few Real games this year because they are essentially a World Allstar team. They were impressive to say the least.

    • zbelair

      Yeah Real is fun to Watch and with La Liga on ESPN this year you know there going to play as much Madrid and Barca games as they can get. I thought DeRosario was really good too, he definitely could hold his own in the game better than some of the other TFC guys who just seems starstruck…

  3. USA 2 - Spain 0

    Wynne needs to go play in europe and learn some technique and he’d be one of the best U.S defenders in a while…He’s 23.. he still has a few years to learn!

    • zbelair

      He definitly could find a place with a good team, in one of the top leagues, maybe Madrid will add him to their back line…

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