Shootin’ it with Stu



Stuart Holden just updated his blog and it is filled with insight on the big last few weeks for him.  He talks about his time in the Gold Cup where he was extremely impressive, and discusses the forgettable 5-0 final loss to Mexico.

He also recaps his time on the MLS All Star Game vs Everton saying:

I was happy with my output as I had an assist for both teams! And before you ask, I don’t really know what I was thinking on the first pass!! Haha!”

He then goes on to talk about Scoring for Houston on his Birthday. Check out his blog Shootin’ it with Stu, and see him tonight vs Dallas.

Personally I thought that Holden looked totally in control during the Gold Cup and a huge level above all the other players on the field (excluding the final when no one looked very good).  I think he could make a positive impact on the National team if he is givin the chance.

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  1. GO USA

    Yea I think that Holden was the clear cut best U.S. player in the gold cup, followed by Beckerman. I wish Cooper would’ve gotten more time. He was putting the moves on the mexicans in the few minutes that he played (not sure why they didn’t play him more, Arnaud sucked).
    Yeah but back to Holden, he showed he could cross the ball really well, which is something we don’t ever do good lol.

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