Poll: What Do You Want?

I’m getting a good amount of views as I start up but I’m hoping for some more feedback… Vote in the poll and/or leave a comment if youve got anyother ideas!!


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7 responses to “Poll: What Do You Want?

  1. GO USA

    Although it seems like no one voted for mls coverage I think that you should acknowledge it because it is during mid season.

    • zbelair

      well there haven’t been to many votes yet so I’m not ruling anything out. This is more just to see what people want the most because I hope to be able to manage all of these topics somewhat.

  2. JPerson

    I would have picked all three if I could! I would like to see a little bit of all of that if you are interested in keeping up with it all. It would be great to have a site to hit for all things US soccer. ESPN is great, but they definitely give the most air time to the popular players and clubs.

  3. soccerstar

    with the mls keep up to date with american mls players

  4. PhilaDallas

    Great site so far. I am going to bookmark it. The comment above about all three is a good one. There are different sites I can go to for varying information like YanksAbroad for my news for yanks abroad… Hopefully this will give me a good synopsis, or some depth that I am not able to find elsewhere. Hope you get some advertisers.

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