Toronto FC v Real Madrid



UPDATE: 5-1 Final for Real Madrid on Raul goals in 13th and 25th min, Ronaldo goal in the 19th min, Benzema goal in 66th min, and Robben in 86th min! Alonso subbed in for Ronaldo at 62nd min. Toronto goal in 76th min by Gala.

Real Madrid may be debuting their new star studded lineup in the MLS on ESPN tonight:

“According to AS, Madrid and Pellegrini are not obliged by the contract of their tour to field all their megastar signings but the Chilean trainer nevertheless is expected to summon, for the first time, the Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka and Karim Benzema attacking trident.

However, “El Ingeniero” would not guarantee who will be playing when he simply said during a press conference that there’s a “big possibility” Kaka and Xabi will debut as a Blanco in Friday’s friendly against Toronto FC.”

I will be watching the game and adding updates here as the game goes on. Anyone have predictions for the game? Feelings about Madrid’s spending? Leave a comment…


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10 responses to “Toronto FC v Real Madrid

  1. G

    Well, if Cristiano, Kaka and Benzema all start, it could be pretty exciting, especially in front of Toronto’s fans, who, as far as I can tell, are just below Seattle’s in terms of enthusiasm in the MLS.

    Even if that triumvirate doesn’t start (or star somehow) tonight, though, this game has all the makings of a typical (fun to watch) big European team vs. MLS club match-up. I’ve personally seen two Barcelona vs. Redbulls games, and they were very fan-friendly. I expect this match to be much of the same, especially given the buzz surrounding Madrid’s new Galacticos.

    If the three DO start, though, I would expect some tinkering by Pellegrini in-match. I highly doubt we’ll see anything like a finished product … the squad still has some big questions to answer. For instance, with the advent of Cristiano, Kaka, Benzema and Alonso, what happens to Real’s once-heralded Argentine duo of Gago and Higuain?

    But from an American perspective, this game could bring a special excitement to MLS, which I think is much needed right now. Sportscenter has done a good job of promoting the matches this summer, but if Real pulls out all the stops tonight, maybe some more Europeans will start to pay attention.

    Ok, enough rambling from me. Match time.

  2. zbelair

    Here are the starters for Real Madrid:

    GK Casillas
    DF Arbeloa
    DF Metzelder
    DF Albiol
    DF Drenthe
    MD Lass
    MD Guti
    MD Cristiano Ronaldo
    MD Kaka
    F Raul
    F Benzema

  3. zbelair

    Here is Toronto FC’s starting lineup.

    GK Frei
    DF Wynne
    DF Brennan
    DF Serioux
    DF Gomez
    MF Cronin
    MF DeRosario
    MF Robinson
    MF Guevara
    F Vitti
    F Gerba

  4. zbelair

    Goal in the 13th min by Raul

  5. zbelair

    Goal 2-0 on Ronaldo goal in the 19th min

  6. zbelair

    goal 3-0 by raul in 26th min

  7. GO USA

    Man, I wish Toronto would’ve been better tonight… but they have had a lot of travel recently which probably made them really tired. Marvell Wynne played great tonight ditto Amado Guevara in the first half. No matter the result it’s still a great night for MLS to play against one of the best teams in the world.

    • zbelair

      Yeah when Wynne ran down Ronaldo it was awesome. This was probably very highly watched in Europe, even though its very late there, because so many of Real Madrid’s new players debuted. Always good to get MLS some exposure and money!

      • GO USA

        Yeah when Wynne outran him to the ball was probably the highlight of the night for me lol. Wynne is quick as hell. I just wish he had more skill like good crossing. He could be a beast because he’s so fast and athletic but his soccer skills still aren’t quite there yet, hopefully they do because he’ll be a scary defender for USA

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