Beckham MLS Owner?



David Beckham has an option to buy an MLS team in his contract and today said that he is interested says ESPN:

“Asked on Friday what he would do next, Beckham said he was “definitely interested” in becoming a Major League Soccer owner. He couldn’t say for sure whether he would play for the team as well.”

Hopefully he does this and uses his connections to bring over some more stars to the MLS.


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9 responses to “Beckham MLS Owner?

  1. G

    Yeah, maybe his Becks can convince Henry to come over and help my poor Redbulls.

  2. GO USA

    Haha that’s exactly what I want too. I don’t think he’ll buy the Red Bulls away from the Red Bull though lol. But yea I just read a article on Henry’s possibility of coming to MLS. Here’s the link if you haven’t seen it.

    • G

      Yeah — even if Becks doesn’t buy the Redbulls (I highly doubt he will, especially with their new stadium coming next season, but maybe one of the more stagnant teams that needs a jolt?), though, you’d think he could use his considerable influence to lure Henry-like players. These guys may be older than your average MLS-er, but they could still bring the league the (positive) exposure it needs.

      Of course, RBNY needs more than exposure right now…

    • GO USA

      Man we still have a DP slot since Reyna left hopefully we can use that second one on Henry. I’m almost positive he want’s to come to MLS. What better place to come than NY with the new stadium and all. The only problem is that we suck lol. I think he could be lured to Philly though because they are a major city not like NY but still luring nonetheless. I know Henry loves America and our culture so I think he’ll be here pretty soon.
      Also I think that he’ll be great for our league more so than Beckham because he’s still one of the best strikers in the game unlike Becks where he kinda lost a step but good but not like he used to be. Henry is still on top of his game. He is a STAR and he would be kinda like the first STAR to change MLS for the better… kinda like convincing others to come play here more so than Becks.
      Imagine the TV ratings and then little kids will get to see him play and hopefully idolize him and want to be like him thus getting more kids involved in soccer. I think he would be a bigger impact than Becks.
      Damn I kinda rambled there lol.

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