Aguirre: US Logistic Problem

Aguirre is Smart...

Aguirre is Smart...

Mexico National Team Coach Javier Aguirre believe that the US will face more logistical problems than Mexico because the US team has more players currently in Europe than Mexico does reports Yahoo:

“They’ll have many more problems (the US). The Americans have 14 players in Europe and they’re not going to start training as a complete team, but it’s the same for everyone. Honduras and Costa Rica have to deal with the same thing,” said Aguirre in a press conference.”

Mexico has already recalled 12 of their 20 players to prepare for the game on the 12th while the rest will arrive when first available.

It seems to me that the US team has spent all summer together and does not need too much time to reconnect and practice together to prepare for the 12th.  I’d rather have the players in Europe as long as possible to get them in as good of standing with their team as possible.  The better they do for their club teams, the more Europe will respect and thus employ American players, and the better our system will get.  Hopefully this improvement will filter back to the MLS in time, and we wont need to send our players overseas to get the best competition but for now it’s alright.


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4 responses to “Aguirre: US Logistic Problem

  1. JPerson

    If Mexico thinks they are getting any sort of advantage out of that they are joking themselves. The US may not win, but it won’t be because their big name players were off facing the best in the world. I expect the US to handle the Mexican squad. I think the game will start rough because of the elevation and atomosphere, but once the US settles down they are the superior team.

    • zbelair

      Exactly. The only advantage Mexico really has is the aspects of Home Field advantage like what you mentioned, and also some momentum from the win in the Gold Cup. But either of those, added with the confidence this statement seems to imply may make Mexico to confident.

  2. GO USA

    how is having too many players in europe a bad thing? just because mexico doesn’t hardly have any he’s tryin to say having too many is bad WTF? just look at the standings the teams with more europian players are standing at the top…Costa rica, USA , Honduras

  3. GO USA

    Hahaha I just noticed you put the picture of Aguirre when he kicked the Panamanian player. Kudos on the pic… it made me chuckle.

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