First Post!

This is the first post for Stars and Strikes, my new blog about all things US Mens National Soccer Team.  In the future I will have all the news and recaps of both the National team and the American players actions with their club teams, including coverage of the MLS.  I hope to have this as a fourm to discuss and report all the news about players and the team with contribution from people from all over the US and even the world who care about US soccer.


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3 responses to “First Post!

    • zbelair


      If you or anyone has comments requests or ideas, this would be a great place to leave a comment and help me out…

      What do you want to see?

  1. GO USA

    Well I think that its good that your reporting the news, but I also think it might be good to throw in your analysis. Like what do you think about Jozy playing for Hull, or what do you expect to see on Aug. 12. Something along those lines. Like try and add a little bit of yourself. I always like that about blogs. You don’t have to do this, just a suggestion.

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